The world of dating is rough, and it might seem even more difficult when you are using the Internet to meet people in the hopes of sparking something romantic. Using a headline is required by many dating websites. These range from hilariously atrocious to hilariously amazing, depending on the sense of humor you and your potential date share.

1. “I’m really picky, so good luck.”
This headline is especially funny because it makes it appear that the writer has already decided that the reader is not worthy. In an effort to set his standards high, he is setting off a red flag for potential suitors.

2. “Free 30 Day Trial”
This guy definitely has a good sense of humor in his approach to online dating. This is hilarious in a positive way, as opposed to the previous example. This guy knows that dating is tough these days.

3. “We’ll just lie and say we met in Vegas”
In spite of the fact that so many people get involved with online dating these days, there are a lot of people who still find shame in it. They would rather say that they met anywhere else than on a dating website.

4. “The Funniest Guy I’ve Ever Met!” says New York Times”
This fake endorsement is fun because it gives the reader an easy opener for conversation. It is a great way for both the writer and reader to initiate a cute, casual conversation.

5. “Will work for cuddles”
This line is funny because it is likely to work. It is non-threatening and still suggestive, in a cute way. Again, this is a great conversation starter.

6. “I put the seat down.”
This guy is funny, cute and apparently very considerate. This is every woman’s dream guy, and he announces it in a way that gets the reader’s attention.

7. “Wittier and Sexier Than Your Ex”
Most people would be advised not to make any mention of an ex-lover on a dating profile, but it works in this case. This is a great way to initiate the first conversation for the reader, and it also poses a fun little challenge.

8. “Recommended by 4 out of 5 Doctors”
Everybody knows that doctors recommend you eat one apple a day, but who would have thought that doctors also held opinions about online dating profiles?

9. “The Zombies Are Coming: Choose Wisely”
When it comes to choosing your next mate, it makes sense that you consider the inevitable zombie invasion.

10. “Do not message me if you are just trying to make your ex jealous.”
One thing is for certain, this person knows what he wants, and he is not afraid to put it out there.